Why It Pays To Restore Your Roof

With 2014 seeing all sorts of weather extremes, many homeowners have found their roofs a little worse for wear. Whilst it is tempting to do a little DIY patching here and there and just hope for the best, in many cases it is more beneficial for the home owner to hire a roofing professional to perform full restoration. Here's why:


Whilst on the surface it may seem cheaper to purchase roofing materials for the odd patching job, the long term cost of this approach often outweighs the initial monetary saving for two main reasons.  Firstly, a DIY job might fix a leak temporarily, but with the increasing variety of options for roof sealants, tile types and roof adhesive, it is difficult for anyone other than a trained professional to identify the exact match for your roof. Therefore, you may end up patching far more often than you need to.

Secondly, although roof restoration is inevitably more expensive than a few repair jobs, small patching jobs are prone to add up quite quickly. Not only do ad hoc roof repairs add up from a cost perspective, they do nothing to prevent additional repairs being required in other areas of the roof. A full roof restoration will prevent any further deterioration of the roof in all areas, ensuring that money, time and effort is saved in the long run. A professional will be able to provide you with a thorough evaluation that details the cost-benefit analysis of having your roof restored. 


Examples abound of DIY roof repairers falling off and seriously injuring themselves. Very unfortunately, these injuries can occasionally be fatal. Any cost saving that can be incurred by attempting roofing repairs on your own is absolutely not worth risking your health and safety. Roofing professionals use safety equipment such as roof harnesses to ensure their safety and yours, at all times. 

House value

Looking to sell your house? Want to increase its worth? Restore your roof! There is no doubt that having a new roof significantly improves the cosmetic appearance of your home, and has been shown to also increase the market value. This may be particular important for home owners in heritage-listed homes where previous roof repairs do not match the current style of the home.

Employing a roofing professional like Strongguard to restore your roof will ensure you save money, don't risk your own safety unnecessarily, increase your house value, and prevent any further deterioration of your roof.