Security Doors: 4 Clever Security Tips to Prevent Break-ins through Garages

Most break-ins invariably take place due to poorly secured doors in the garage. By installing security doors, you can undertake appropriate safety precautions to improve garage security. Security doors have metal frames with mesh and are usually fitted outside a regular door. These security doors usually have heavy-duty locks and recessed edges, making them difficult to open. They act as security screens for homeowners to leave the main garage door open to enable fresh air to enter the home, without worrying about security.

By installing security doors between your house and your garage, you'll be able to see what's going on without having to open the door to find out. While security doors are important, here are some more clever security tips to prevent break-ins and burglarproof your garage space.

Lock the Service (Main Entry) Door

Too many homeowners take this simple safety measure for granted. The walk-through main entry service door is one of the biggest security breaches for burglars, so ensure you equip it with a dead bolt and heavy-duty lock—just like you would lock your front door.

Install Garage Door Monitors

More often than not, garage security is compromised because someone simply forgot to close the main door. Installing garage door monitors serves as a reminder when garage doors remain unlocked, so they are a good choice for forgetful homeowners. You'll only need to set the sensor on the door and place the monitor in a noticeable spot.

Frost or Cover Garage Windows

Thieves usually have an idea of what's happening in the home through windows. For example, if they notice your vehicle gone through the windows, they are more likely to find ways to enter into your home. Consider frosting or covering your windows with blinds to prevent thieves from peeping into your garages. If they can't see the toys and tools in your garages, they might not be motivated to break in.

Add Bright Lighting

Installing bright lighting is a good way to make burglars nervous – brightly lit garages may encourage them to look elsewhere, because they are more likely to get caught in a well-lit space. Motion detector lights are a better alternative to all-night lighting—they save more energy because they're usually off and attract attention when they turn on.

While security doors play an influential role in keeping the garage and house safe, bolster your home security measures with these clever tips. For more tips, talk to companies such as Aus Secure.