Reasons To Hire A Lands Surveyor When Developing Property

Land surveyors collect, organise and interpret spatial information. This data is essential for legal purposes, loans and financing, and land transfer transactions. However, the land surveyor is also crucial in property development. Here are a few areas where you require a land surveyor when developing property.  Boundary survey Boundaries determine the exact position of your land relative to natural bodies such as rivers, mountains, and other properties. For example, your perimeter fence should run along the boundary, separating your land from the neighbours, roads and other features. [Read More]

Working with a Land Surveyor: What Contractors Need to Know

A land surveyor is a professional who determines the boundaries of a piece of land. A land surveyor may also be called upon to determine the elevation of the land, as well as any features on it. This information is important for construction contractors, as it ensures that they are adhering to the property lines when constructing a new building or other structure. Here is what contractors need to know about working with a land surveyor. [Read More]

Wondering If You Really Need A Building Certifier? Reasons You Might

For any building project you undertake, you'll have a host of permissions to get, plans to review, regulations to meet and so on. Australia makes this easy for you by requiring you to hire a building certifier for your project. However, because you already have to contract with so many builders, designers, surveyors and other professionals, you might think that the certifier is not necessary as all these other contractors can take care of the same things. [Read More]

What Type Of Timber Deck Will Stand Up Best To The Weather?

If you want to build an outdoor deck, you may be imagining plenty of valuable time together, surrounded by family and friends. You may also want to take advantage of the fresh air and beautiful climate by creating the perfect environment. In so doing, you'll want to make your new outdoor space equally as attractive as your indoor rooms. To do this, you must choose the best quality timber products and ensure that you get a professional installation team to do the work. [Read More]