Ombre Is More Than a Hair Trend: Try these 3 Amazing Ombre Ideas

If you haven't heard the word 'ombre' before, there is still no doubt that you have still seen the ombre trend in action. Ombre is essentially the blending of one colour into another. The trend started when women began to dip dye their hair, blending it from brunette roots to blonde tips, or to any other colour for that matter.

But recently, the ombre trend has extended far beyond hair colour and it's finding its way into many parts of people's lives. If you want to get on board with the ombre trend, here are a few ideas.

Paint an ombre wall. That's right—the ombre trend is even finding its way into interior décor. If you want to make a fun statement on a wall in your home (this will be particularly popular with teenagers) consider painting one of your walls in ombre. Creating an ombre wall yourself is doable but you will need patience, precision, and an artistic eye. If that does not sound like a description of you, it is best to hire interior painters such as Brett Wallner Painting who have professional skills beyond just painting a wall a single colour.

Paint ombre fingernails. If you love to pay attention to your appearance and you want to extend your love for ombre beyond your hair colour, you can also paint your nails with an ombre effect. This is something that is suitable for total nail art amateurs that can be a fun weekend project.

The easiest way of doing this is by cutting a sponge to the shape of your fingernail. With the three gradients of colour that you have chosen, create three strips of colour on the sponge. Then all you have to do is dab this on your fingernail until the gradient is transferred. Of course, if that sounds just like too much hard work, ask for an ombre nail effect at your local beauty salon.

Bake an ombre cake. Imagine cutting into a cake and seeing a beautiful gradient from one colour to another in the sponge. Well, this is actually extremely easy to execute. Make one big batch of cake batter and separate it into different bowls. Pick a food colouring and add a little more food colouring to each bowl of cake batter. Each round of baked cake will be a different colour so that you can stack them to create a gradient of colour. If you are feeling a little more daring, you might also want to ice your cake in an ombre effect.