Get Professional Drain Unblocking For Lasting Results

Blocked drains can be a nightmare for any home owner. Blocked sinks make it impossible to get any cleaning done and puts your family's health at risk. Blockage of ground drains can lead to flooding of your house, compound or garden, exposing your home to serious health hazards. A professional plumbing service can deal with these challenges and restore the integrity of your drainage system. Here's how.

Chemical application

After an examination of your drain system, a plumber can determine the level of blockage within the system. Where the blockage is not expansive, chemical applications can be used for swift non-intrusive unblocking. This is common for sinks and bathrooms where the cause of the blockage is commonly grease, oils or hairs. The plumber administers a chemical solution that is poured down the drain. This solution breaks down all the solid matter clogging the drain to enable smooth flow of water. This technique is easy and eliminates the need for extensive work on your plumbing system.

Electric drain rods

Where you have serious solid waste blocking your drains, your drains plumber can choose to use electric drain rods to clear your plumbing system. This technique involves use of a wire or spring coil that moves around inside your pipes clawing away at any hardened dirt that is hard to reach. Drain clearing using this technique is effective where there is total or near-total blockage. It can be applied indoors to your toilet and sinks as well as to external sewer systems. Electric drain rods get rid of collected silt, tissue paper pulp, leaves and other solid wastes.

Drain jetting

The third technique commonly used by drain plumbers is called drain jetting or hydro jetting. This technique involves use of water at high pressure to clear dirt that has coated the walls of any plumbing system. A thin flexible pipe is inserted into the pipes and water from its nozzles unleashes water jets all around the insides of the piping. At high pressures, this technique can be used to cut away tree roots and move large chunks of dirt. It's the safest method of the three and quite effective at most drain unblocking tasks.

By large, most of these blocked drains come about as a result of extensive use with little maintenance. A professional drain plumber can utilize technologies such as cameras to identify the exact point of blockage for faster diagnosis. Once your drains have been unblocked by a company like D & B Scott Plumbing Services, you can enjoy quick water drainage, better air quality and a more hygienic environment.