Frequently Asked Questions About Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are useful in a variety of applications such as setting up a tent, erecting a canopy at an outdoor event, or covering a parking area or for use in construction projects. If you are in the market for poly tarps for the first time, you probably need some information before you make your purchase, so to help you out here are the answers to some common questions about this product.

What Are They Made From? -- The 'poly' in these tarps refers to polyethylene, which is a plastic used in the production of pipes, plastic bags and packages. Manufacturers usually apply a coating on these tarps to make them water proof, and many of them also provide some level of protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, which is measured as a percentage of the amount of rays that the tarp blocks out. Typically, the UV protection rating is written on the label of the tarp, or you can obtain that information from the manufacturer. UV protection is applied as a chemical treatment during the final manufacturing process.

Are They Laminated Or Protected In Any Way? -- Most poly tarps feature a mesh fabric lamination that is sandwiched between two layers of 'film,' which is what the layers are called. Lamination helps provide additional protection against weather and sunlight, and also guards against premature wear and tear. In addition, you can invest in more expensive poly tarps with rope that is inserted into the edges of the tarp to provide more durability. Heavy duty poly tarps are often flame retardant as well, which means they have a chemical that helps resist fire for a longer period of time. However, flame retardant does not mean fireproof, so be aware that these types of poly tarps are still flammable.

How Are Poly Tarps Held In Place? -- Poly tarps are equipped with grommets, which are metal rings that are looped into holes at the corners of the tarp. These grommets are made so you can attach ropes, chains or cords to the tarp to keep it in place. The grommets are made of either aluminium or galvanised steel, which is stronger and also offers outstanding rust protection since it's made with a hot-dip process in which the steel is immersed in molten zinc, which has a natural resistance to corrosion. Poly tarps that feature galvanised steel grommets are more expensive than ones with aluminium grommets.

Now that you know a little more about poly tarps, check out a tarp supplier like Nans Tarps to pick the best one for your event or project.