Renewal Options for Old Concrete Driveways

In ideal circumstances, a concrete driveway is highly durable, even without extensive maintenance and repairs. However, there are factors such as climatic conditions and the rate of usage which can contribute to accelerated wear and tear. The damage is often manifested as unappealing discolouration, settlement of slabs, scaling and even cracking. You can demolish your driveway and construct a new feature afresh. However, this type of project can be costly, and it is often unnecessary. Generally, you can repair and refurbish the driveway easily if the concrete is still structurally sound. Here are the main renewal methods that you should consider using on your old driveway.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a refurbishing technique which is used on driveways that are cracked, scaled or even discoloured. The process involves application of a concrete overlay to cover the imperfections and improve the surface without changing the structural base. This is a popular method because you can choose to restore the original appearance. Alternatively, you can change the aesthetics by choosing different colours and patterns for a completely new look. If you want to resurface your driveway, ensure that the existing surface is prepared thoroughly. This will ensure that the new overlay has a proper base to bond with. Clean the driveway and repair all significant cracks before installing the overlay.


There are different types of colouring techniques used to improve the appearance of concrete driveways. Most integral pigments, stains and other colouring products are hardwearing and long-lasting. However, some are vulnerable to ultraviolet ray exposure, weathering and even absorption of damaging materials such as grease. If discolouration is your only problem, you should consider recolouring using concrete stains. This project is fairly cheap and you can choose to modify the current surface style. Solid colour stains are ideal if you want to change the look dramatically. These will penetrate the porous concrete to create a uniform appearance.  Acid stains will react with the concrete to display a variegated but beautiful driveway. Other popular recolouring options include cement-based toppings and acrylic stains.


Concrete slabs can start sinking due to subsurface erosion and poor soil compaction. This will lead to decreased aesthetics because your driveway will not be even. Additionally, the surface will not be comfortable to drive or walk on. You can repair this damage by engaging a concrete contractor for slab-jacking. This process involves lifting the concrete slabs to their original positions. Basically, a mixture of sand, cement and other additives will be pumped under the slab to create a better base.

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