5 Ways to Maximise Your Home Extension When You Only Have a Small Space

If you are thinking of adding a home extension to your property but you don't have a lot of space, you need to get creative. Luckily, there are a range of ways, you can maximise the potential of your extension. Check out these ideas:

1. Do not make it seasonal

Although a porch or a conservatory may seem like a great idea, it may not be the most functional use of your space. You can only use these rooms seasonally, and during the rest of the year, they can provide storage space at best. Instead, make the most of your extension by adding on a room that will be fully functional all four seasons.

2. Explore using two levels

If you only have room on your plot of land to accommodate a small extension, keep in mind that your extension doesn't just have to be one level. Instead, you can ask a contractor to dig a basement under your extension. That gives you more space to play with, and regardless of what you use the first floor extension for, you can use the basement as a bedroom, lounge, laundry or storage area.

3. Don't forget about the roof

When considering a basement, don't let it distract you from the possibility that you can also use the roof of your extension. Consider designing an extension with a flat roof. That space can host a rooftop garden, a patio, a hot tub, a balcony or a range of other outdoor spaces. If you don't like the idea of giving up a part of your yard to hold the extension, remember that you essentially can relocate that area to the roof of your extension.

4. Embrace tall windows

Making the most of a small extension also extends to its design. When designing your small extension, remember to employ all of the tricks popularly used to make spaces appear larger. For example, fill the extension with tall windows. Also consider lofted ceilings, light-coloured paint and vertical lines on your window treatments.

5. Weigh the cost benefit of your extension

If you want to make the most of your extension, make sure that it adds to your home value. To calculate its potential value, take the per square metre price of the extension. You can get this number when you get a quote from a contractor. Then, ask a real estate expert what homes are selling for in your area and find the average selling price per square metre.

If you are paying less per square metre for your extension than the average per square metre price of homes in your area, your extension has a positive cost benefit. You can make it even more valuable by adding the type of room buyer's in your area want. In some cases, that may be a bedroom while in other cases, it may be a larger kitchen or dining room.