Landscaping? Hire An Excavator To Make These Gardening Duties Easier

Starting a garden, planning to resuscitate your neglected backyard or planning to make major installations? If so, make your work easier by hiring an excavator. An excavator is very versatile piece of earthmoving machinery that can make light work of heavy tasks. Its use will improve safety, reduce work time and help you accomplish even the most challenging tasks as you work on your garden.

Below, discover the different landscaping jobs an excavator can help you with.


If you're simply planning to garden and plant on your yard, you can use an excavator to have your grounds cleared of any existing vegetation. Once done, the excavator can be used to dig up the earth in order to make the soil soft and easier to plant on. It can also be used to level bumpy yards, making sure that your garden is flat and good-looking.

Swimming pool construction

If you're planning to construct a pool in your garden, an excavator is a must-have. An excavator will be needed to excavate the building site and remove enough soil to create the needed space for the pool. If your construction site has hard bedrock, the excavator can be fitted with a drill-bit and used to drill through such rock.

Fence construction

Fencing? That too can do with the help of an excavator. The machinery can help with digging foundation holes or trenches. If using sleepers for your fencing, the excavator can also be used to hoist them onto place. The excavator can also be used to backfill the dug holes after the fencing posts have been installed, or after a stone wall has been built.

Retaining walls

The same benefits apply for retaining walls as with fences. An excavator will come in handy when you need to back fill the earth behind the retaining wall. An excavator can dig your garden, transfer the earth and level it on top of the retained areas, ensuring a neat finish is accomplished. The excavator can also be used in the installation of the retaining wall itself, either by hoisting the build materials, digging installation trenches, or propping the wall during construction.

Soak wells

Last but not least, you can hire an excavator for your soak well installation too. It is vital for the excavation of the installation site, installation of the soak tanks, and back filling after the installation. An excavator can also be used for the removal of old or damaged soak well tanks as well.

If you are planning to carry out any of the above tasks, talk to an excavator hire company, and they will advise on what size of an excavator you will need for your project.