How to Choose the Right Frame Material for Your Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors look beautiful when added to a property as they allow lots of light into the home. They can be pushed aside to connect the interior of the home to the patio and other exterior spaces. When deciding to install bi-fold doors in your property, the most important decision you have to make is the choice of frame material. This will determine their appearance, durability, and level of maintenance. Here is an outline of some of the common materials that you can choose from, their features, advantages, and drawbacks.


The beauty of using timber for your bi-fold door frame is that it gives the door a natural, beautiful, and timeless look. Various types of timber are available, from natural hardwood and softwood to engineered timber, all of which come in various earth shades and have varying properties. Engineered timber is made up of various layers of wood which are glued together to form one material. Hardwood and engineered timber are the best choices for the door due to their ability to withstand weather elements and resist weathering and damage. Timber can be finished using an array of finishes, colors, and stains to give it different looks. The drawback of using timber is that it requires high levels of maintenance. Regular cleaning and proper handling are required to maintain the beautiful appearance of the wood and extend its life.


Aluminum bi-fold door frames are slim, sturdy, durable, and light. Their slim design allows you to install narrow frames and leave the rest of the space for the window without worrying about the strength of the door. Unlike wood which can easily flex due to expansion and contraction after exposure to the elements, aluminum's structure remains unchanged. It does not require as much maintenance as wood, and cleaning the door once in a while will keep it looking beautiful. It is preferred to other types of metal due to its durability and high resistance to corrosion.

When using aluminum, your choice of paint finishes may be limited. However, you can choose powder coated aluminum which comes in a wide array of colors and finish styles to choose from.


Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as UPVC is a type of plastic that's used in making doors and door frames. It is a light but sturdy material, and its major advantage over aluminum and timber is its low cost. It's more affordable than aluminum and most types of timber. Also, it offers better insulation properties as compared to aluminum and timber. UPVC is a plastic material, and this means that there is a wide array of finishes and colors that can be used with it.

These features should help you determine the most ideal door frame material for your bi-fold doors based on your budget and preferences. Once you make a decision, make sure that you engage a professional contractor in the installation process.