Wondering If You Really Need A Building Certifier? Reasons You Might

For any building project you undertake, you'll have a host of permissions to get, plans to review, regulations to meet and so on. Australia makes this easy for you by requiring you to hire a building certifier for your project. However, because you already have to contract with so many builders, designers, surveyors and other professionals, you might think that the certifier is not necessary as all these other contractors can take care of the same things. That's not really true. Everyone on the project has related responsibilities, but the certifier is the one who keeps everything on track. Rather than trying to avoid hiring them, be thankful for them as they can make your job smoother.

Yes, Most Projects Are Required to Have a Building Certifier

By law, if your building project needs building permissions, then you need a building certifier on the project. Given the involvement of the local council and state government in your permitting and planning processes, the absence of a building certifier will definitely be noticed. That could lead to permissions being withheld or other penalties that prevent your building project from going forward until you correct the situation.

Do You Really Want to Keep Track of All Certifications, Permits and Violations?

Imagine for a moment that you get an exemption that allows you to skip having a building certifier. Who will verify that the project complies with laws and codes, and who will keep track of all the certifications and permits? Who will report violations? If that's going to be you, do you really want to handle all that? The building certifier does more than just handle all that work — they make it so that you don't have to worry about most of it to begin with.

Your Building Certifier's Work Prevents Major Issues Later On

It may seem like you already have several people monitoring the construction and your plans, but the building certifier is the one who really needs to keep track of compliance, permits and adherence to the approved schematics and regulations. Think of the building certifier as the central figure in ensuring your building project is completed properly. They're one of the main reasons why you end up with a stable building that will not suddenly reveal construction, wiring or plumbing issues that make the building unlivable and unsafe. If you want to prevent major issues later on, you definitely want that building certifier to be involved in the project.