3 Reasons to Use Wet Concrete Polishing

If you want to polish an old concrete floor, then you have the option to use a wet or dry process. While dry polishing has its benefits, there are times when wet polishing is the best solution. When might you want to use a wet polish on your concrete floor?

1. You Want a Subtle Surface Appearance

When you polish old concrete surfaces, you get to choose the way the concrete looks after the job. For example, if you want a high-gloss sheen, then a dry polish is usually the best option. This process gives a highly polished and mirror-like finish.

However, you might not want your floor to look this glossy. You might prefer a more understated look. So, if you're looking for a subtle shine rather than a glossy one, then wet polishing is the best solution. A wet polish restores your concrete and makes it shine again; however, your floor will have a low-key sheen to it rather than a more glossy finish.

2. You Want to Reduce Dust in Your Environment

If you use dry concrete polishing, then you have to deal with more dust in your environment during the job. This is a serious problem if you work in certain sectors, such as food processing or medical product manufacturing. If you need to keep your work areas clean and sterile, then an excess of dust is not a good thing.

Even if you don't have to minimise dust because of the work you do, the dust created in a dry polishing process has negative environmental effects. You might need to keep employees out of the area during the job to keep them safe.

If you use wet polishing, then dust is much less of a problem. Here, you put down water on the surface during the polishing work. The water traps dust as you polish the floor and turns it into a slurry that stays on the surface. You then clean the slurry up at the end of the job. You'll have less dust floating around your building.

3. You Want Fast Results

If you get a lot of traffic in the room or area that you need to polish, then you don't want the process to take too much time. For example, if you're polishing a factory floor, then you can't have the surface out of action for too long. If people can't walk on the floor, then they can't work.

Dry polishing typically takes longer than a wet polish. If you want fast results, then wet polishing is a better option, especially if you are dealing with a large open area.

To find out more about wet polishing and its benefits, contact concrete polishing contractors near you.