Building A New House? Why Install Louvre Windows

When it comes to choosing windows for your new home, you have a lot of options. Some of the options include casement windows, cottage windows, and double-hung windows. But, there's also an option that's often overlooked by homeowners. That option is louvre windows. Louvre windows provide benefits you might not have considered. If you don't have louvre windows on your list, read on to learn about five benefits you'll enjoy when you install louvre windows in your new home. 

Eliminate Moisture Buildup

If there are rooms in your new house that will get a lot of moisture, talk to your builder about louvre windows. Moisture can cause big problems in the bathroom and laundry. Unfortunately, that can lead to an increased risk of moisture damage and mould growth. Exhaust fans can remove some of the moisture, but they won't do it all. For that, you need louvre windows. Louvre windows work well in areas where most full-sized windows won't fit. That way, you get the airflow you need for moisture protection.

Control Natural Lighting

If you want to control the natural light in your home, don't settle for standard window designs. Choose louvre windows instead. One thing about louvre windows is that you can control the flow of natural light into any room in the house. In areas where you want a lot of natural light, choose clear glass louvre windows. In rooms where you want to limit natural light, choose frosted glass. That way, you get the right amount of natural light throughout the house. 

Reduce Maintenance 

If you're building a new home, think about maintenance. Your home will need a lot of maintenance, which includes window cleaning. Most windows are easy to clean from the inside. But, the outside glass can be a bit trickier to get clean. That's especially true for upstairs windows. That's why you should install louvre windows in your new home. Louvre windows let you clean both sides of the glass from inside the house. That way, you can keep your windows clean without the hard work or risks to your safety. 

Improve Ease of Operation

If physical ailments make it hard to open casement windows, talk to your home builder about louvre windows. With louvre windows, there are no heavy window frames to lift. Instead, you can open and close your windows with a simple hand crank. Some louvre windows even come with remote control access. That way, you can open your windows with the touch of a button. 

For more information on louvres, contact a construction specialist near you.