What Type Of Timber Deck Will Stand Up Best To The Weather?

If you want to build an outdoor deck, you may be imagining plenty of valuable time together, surrounded by family and friends. You may also want to take advantage of the fresh air and beautiful climate by creating the perfect environment. In so doing, you'll want to make your new outdoor space equally as attractive as your indoor rooms. To do this, you must choose the best quality timber products and ensure that you get a professional installation team to do the work. But what type of materials should you select for both looks and longevity?

Standing Up To Climate

Whenever you build an outdoor feature, you must take into account the risks of wear and tear associated with climate. You will certainly need to maintain your outdoor deck correctly so that it continues to function without any problems and looks amazing, but you may want to choose treated pine timber as your construction material.

Assessing The Challenge

Timber can look good and add to aesthetic appeal, but it is susceptible to rotting and associated damage. To avoid this as much as possible, you should get treated timber that is impregnated with a protective chemical and certain preservatives. This will help ensure that it does not deteriorate too quickly or become infested with fungi or mould growth, leading to longer-term problems.

Good All-Round Choice

Treated pine timber comes in various colours as well, so you will be sure to replicate the look you desire. It's also a very versatile material that is relatively easy to work with and, consequently, great when it comes to installation. This may help you to get the work finished more quickly and help you with your budgetary limitations.

Composite Decking

When searching for this type of timber, you may want to choose something with a more composite structure. These products have a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fibre, and may require less maintenance than some of the other options. These composite products are very durable, look great, and are easy to clean.

Modular Construction

Modular timber boards are even easier to install and will typically come in preformed kits to make assembly quite effortless. Just remember that, as with any timber decking, you may want to get your installation oiled before each outdoor season begins.

Moving Ahead

Talk with an experienced contractor about your decking aspiration. They will help you to choose the right type of material and ensure that it is installed correctly.