Reasons To Hire A Lands Surveyor When Developing Property

Land surveyors collect, organise and interpret spatial information. This data is essential for legal purposes, loans and financing, and land transfer transactions. However, the land surveyor is also crucial in property development. Here are a few areas where you require a land surveyor when developing property. 

Boundary survey

Boundaries determine the exact position of your land relative to natural bodies such as rivers, mountains, and other properties. For example, your perimeter fence should run along the boundary, separating your land from the neighbours, roads and other features. A land surveyor helps you oblige to the border and shields you from problems that may arise by breaching the boundary. 

Boundary survey reveals the corners of your property, ensuring that you are within the law when buying, selling, or developing different sections of the land. A land surveyor examines the property records and conducts field research even when beacons and other landmarks, such as roads, change. A boundary survey also helps you recognise improvements undertaken by previous owners. 

Site Planning

Did you know that specific permits may require a site plan? Land surveyors create site plans by accounting for your property's size, shape, landscape, and topography. The surveyor also discusses with your project manager about accessibility, raw materials, and the overall development plan. The site plan is mandatory and essential in developing land. 

For example, the site development plan helps create a narrative strategy showing the project's impacts on the community. A graphical review of the earthwork, construction elements, and site engineering help you resolve some of the project's problems in the planning stage. Land surveyors are vital in creating and interpreting site development plans. 


A large piece of land requires meticulous planning to ensure the owner gets substantial benefits upon the sale or development of the land. Projects on small land pieces are easy to plan and execute. However, what happens when you want to subdivide and sell parts of land in uneven terrain? How do you ensure every piece of land fetches the highest price in the market? 

Land surveyors have different tools that can assist you in subdividing your land. For example, land surveyors use 3D scanners, global positioning systems, altimeters, and other instruments to measure slope, elevation, and angles. This data helps you plan for access routes and access to natural features such as water bodies to ensure all properties fetch the best prices. The professional also ensures the subdivision plan complies with land planning regulations in your locality. 

A land surveyor assists in boundary survey, site planning, and demarcation during land development.