Mixing Strong And Durable Concrete By Hand

Many DIY jobs around the home and garden require the use of concrete. For jobs such as setting fence posts in concrete or repairs to a pathway,  using bags of concrete to which you add water is probably the easiest and least expensive way to carry out such repairs. It is important, then, to be able to mix a concrete that is not only strong and enables a good repair, but also provides as much durability as possible. Making an incorrect and inconsistent mix of concrete can actually weaken the whole structure you are trying to repair. This article looks at how to mix concrete to ensure it is strong and durable.


Many people choose to mix concrete in a container, such as a basin, on the ground. While this is fine, it should be possible for you to mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows are sturdy and stable, and are raised from the ground; this saves you from having to bend more than necessary when mixing the concrete. The sturdy base of the wheelbarrow gives you the opportunity to give the contents a good, thorough mix. Lastly, most wheelbarrow can take a good volume of concrete, and it can also be moved easily to any required location.


Place the concrete bag into the wheelbarrow and slash it open with a spade. Empty the contents out, making sure that they are contained on one side of the barrow. At the opposite side of the barrow, pour in the water from a bucket; you will have measured this out just before cutting the bag of concrete. The wheel barrow should now be full, half with dry powder concrete and half with water.


Get a hoe, and slowly draw sections of the powder into the water. Once this is done, walk around the opposite end of the wheelbarrow and repeat the same motion. Draw the mixture back toward you, gradually allowing all the powder to take on water.


Next, use your legs as a base and really stir the mixture thoroughly. This can be quite tiring, as you should mix vigorously for several minutes. This is the time to work the mixture into the perfect consistency.


Once a good looking consistency is achieved, use the hoe to draw back a layer of the mix to check underneath. Look for dry areas and areas where small amounts of dry material have gathered. Add in around a cupful more of water, and re-stir.

Once mixed properly, you will be left with a smooth and easy flowing liquid that will offer strength and durability to any DIY work you carry out. For more information, contact your landscape supply provider, such as Mark's Landscape Supplies.