Never Overlook These 3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Work

An air conditioner doesn't need to actually break down and stop working to be in need of repair work, as often parts can start to fail while the unit itself still functions. However, ignoring needed repairs can mean allowing the air conditioning unit to break down even more, so that you're faced with larger repair bills down the road, and it can mean having the unit itself fail on the hottest day of the year. If you have a central air unit, note a few signs that it may need repair.

1. Grinding or thumping noises

An air conditioning unit may make a slight whirring noise as the fan turns and the motor hums, but obvious thumping or grinding noises can mean trouble. Usually you hear this when a part is breaking and it may thump against another part, or gets caught in the motor or blower and causes it to grind. In either case the part itself can actually break off or it can cause the motor or blower to break altogether.

There may also be something caught in the housing, such as a rock or other such debris. When you hear this sound, it's good to investigate immediately so that your air conditioner doesn't suffer more wear and tear.

2. Moldy or musty smells

Your air conditioner unit will have a condenser that allows for water condensation to be directed away from the unit. When this coil or part fails, water may build up around the motor or blower and in turn, mold may form. The water itself may also start to smell musty. The blower will blow this smell into your home through the vents so you can smell it in your house every time you turn on the unit. Get this checked as quick as possible as water and condensation inside your unit can easily cause damage to the motor and other parts.

3. Sudden spikes in your electric bill

A sudden spike in your electric bill can mean that your air conditioner is working harder than it should. If the motor or blower is breaking down, it needs to work harder to blow air through the vents in your home and maintain your set temperature. If you cannot explain a spike in your electric bill through a rate hike or other reason, it may be time to have your air conditioning unit inspected by companies like Impact Air and possibly get a new motor or blower.