Why Opt for a Timber-framed Home for a New Construction?

Before you decide on the type of construction and design you want for a new home, you might do well to consider the advantages of a timber-framed house versus one made with traditional wood studs. While these are often chosen for their rustic and natural look, the timber framing of such a house offers many more advantages than just its overall appearance. If you haven't thought about a timber frame for your new construction, note a few of those advantages here.

1. Open floor plan means increased sunlight

A timber-framed house usually doesn't need load-bearing walls, since the timber used for these frames is strong enough to hold up the weight of the home. This is why many timber-framed houses have an open floor plan, and in turn, this can mean added sunlight in your home.

Without the need for interior walls, you are not cutting off the light you get from the foyer and living room, but this can reach into all areas of the home. When designing a new home, your architect can make the most use of windows so that your home gets maximum sunlight in every area.

2. Eco-friendly materials

Timber-framed houses typically require less wood than homes made with standard framing and building studs, as the timbers used for these frames are much stronger than regular studs and beams. Fewer pieces are then needed to hold up the home than if you used standard wood studs for your new home construction. This means less wood is harvested for your home than if you chose a home made with standard wood studs, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

3. Poor host to insects and rodents

Timber frames are very dense, more so than standard wood studs, which is how they get their strength. This density also makes them a poor host to insects, as it's very difficult for termites and other pests to burrow into the wood and eat at it or lay their eggs. Rodents also usually need to chew through wood frames to make their own nests in a home, and these too may find a timber-framed home to be a poor host. This too is why they're a better choice over a home made with standard wood beams and studs.

These are just a few of the advantages of having a home made with thick timber frames rather than with standard wood studs and beams. Learn more about this option by consulting resources like Wonson Frames & Trusses.