Simple Tips for Choosing Glass Pool Fencing

The swimming pool is a potential source of hazards, particularly in homes with young children. Poor security measures could lead to drowning accidents and fatalities. A pool fence will limit unsupervised access to the water for your children and even reduce the risk of adult injury. There are different types of materials used to manufacture quality fences for residential use. However, glass pool fences have gained popularity because they do not interfere with the property aesthetics.  There are diverse fencing products in the market from different manufacturers, so it is easy to be confused by the options. Here are simple tips to help you choose the best glass fence for your pool.

Ensure Safety Compliance

There are specific guidelines that are set to ensure that the pool fence does not pose an additional hazard within the property. It is important for you to ensure that your preferred glass fencing product complies with these standards. This will ensure that your barrier will be effective after installation and limit the risk of breakage. The details on glass pool fencing safety are outlined in Australian Standards AS1926.1 on Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

Generally, a pool fence that is compliant should be 1.2 meters high at minimum and the ground clearance should not be higher than 100 millimeters. There should be no climbing footholds and the safety glass used in construction should be rigid. Basically, the material should be able to withstand substantial impact without sustaining damage. It is advisable for you to choose a reputable manufacturer and supplier to avoid sub-standard products.

Choose an Ideal Design

There are two different glass pool fence designs: frameless and semi-frameless. The right choice for your home will depend on factors such as your budget and preference. As implied, frameless glass fences do not have supporting frames so the panels are held in place by spigots. The elegance of the design is favoured by many homeowners because the fence ensures that the view is uninterrupted. Frameless fences are considerably expensive to purchase, and they require professional installation. Semi-frameless fence panels are supported by frames and posts and are relatively cheaper than fully frameless alternatives. In addition, they are easy to install, so you can save money by setting the fence up without an expert's help.

Cost Tips

Glass pool fences are expensive so you should shop around before settling for the best deal. However, the cost should not be considered as a primary choice factor. In addition, you should look for after-sale services such as free transportation and installation.

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