How to Rent a Concrete Pump for a Home Renovation Project

Concrete pumps are machinery that pump concrete out of a mixer so that you don't need to actually shovel out the mix and onto your new driveway or sidewalk by hand. This can make it easier to pour pavement around your home when you're tackling an outside renovation project, or pour the foundation for a new garage.

Before you rent a concrete pump, you want to ensure you choose the right model and type for the job at hand. Note a few tips on how to make the rental process as easy as possible for you.

1. Note if it's a trailer or truck, and its actual weight

Some concrete pumps are actually trucks that are driven separately and parked behind the concrete mixer. Others are trailers that are pulled behind a vehicle. If you're renting a trailer, you need to know the weight and ensure that your own vehicle has the right towing capacity.

Note that the concrete pump truck may be able to handle a larger capacity than a smaller, stand-alone trailer, so it might be worth the extra cost if it means being able to pour a large driveway faster and easier. However, for most small residential jobs, the trailer is sufficient and will take up less space on your property while work is being done.

2. Note the type of concrete the pump handles

There are various types of concrete that are poured for different uses, depending on if it's a home's foundation or a driveway or walkway. Some pumps are meant only for gravel-based concrete and cannot handle a thicker, rock-based concrete. Note with the rental agency what is being poured and the type of concrete you're using so you know you get a pump that can handle the job.

3. Ask about personnel to work the pump for you

Renting the pump on your own can be cheap, but using these pumps can also be difficult and messy. It can often be worth the extra cost to rent a pump with an operator, so you know it's set up and connected properly and will have assistance if anything should go wrong with the pump.

Remember that pouring concrete for a home project is not like pouring something into a pan; you need to ensure the concrete stays within the boundaries, doesn't seep through walls you've built for your trenches, and is also level and even as it's poured. While renting a pump on its own may be cheapest, having an operator or contractor help you with the pouring work so you can easily stop it and check your progress can be the best investment in the long run.

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