How to find out if you need to get a professional cleaner to take a look at your air ducts

Air ducts are parts of your home that many people overlook when it comes to cleaning. As it's difficult to determine whether or not a duct system is dirty or not, it might be overlooked when you're trying to improve the cleanliness and air quality of your home. Cleaning an air duct system is something that should be carried out by a professional cleaning contractor, as it requires certain tools and a certain level of expertise. However, as air duct cleaning isn't something you need carried out other than when the air duct system really is dirty, you should know what to look for that might indicate it's time to hire cleaning contractors for your air ducts.

Examine carefully for mould

The first thing you should look out for in your air ducts is mould. This is also the most concerning type of dirt that could exist in your ducts as mould could cause serious illnesses in your family. To find out if you have mould in your ducts, you should be aware of the smell that is coming from the ventilation. If you can detect a smell of mould, you need to call a cleaning contractor immediately. You can also look into the outer part of your duct to see if you can detect any signs of mould. You should also examine the surrounding structures to your air ventilation system. If you have mould in the walls close to where the air ducts are, there is a risk it has also gotten into the ventilation.

Pests might have gotten in

Another thing you should keep your eyes peeled for in your air ducts is animals. Rats and insects don't just appear in your air ducts, and there is always a reason for why they occupy your ventilation system. The cause could be that there is a lot or dirt up there that the animals thrive in. If you discover pests in your air ducts, you need to call an air duct cleaning contractor as soon as possible. Pests aren't just a sign that your air ducts desperately need cleaning; they will also make conditions in the ducts even worse with their droppings and food they might bring there.

Keep an eye on the air

Lastly, it's important to observe the air coming from the ventilation. Make sure you smell it regularly to be able to quickly discover if anything's wrong. You could also examine the amount of dirt in the air by holding a clean, white napkin against the air outlet. If it quickly becomes dirty, it's time for you to have a cleaning contractor to take a look at your air ducts.