Common Causes of Ceiling Trouble

The ceiling, just like other sections of your house, is not damage-proof. The need for ceiling repairs will depend on how well it can endure the damaging effects of strong winds, rainfall, hail storms, snow and other external elements. With that said, it is important to be aware of some common causes of problems with residential ceilings and how you can solve them.

Water damage

One of the most notorious causes of ceiling problems is water damage. Water leaking from the roof section usually finds its way to the interiors of your home, and the ceiling often suffers a lot damage. Water stains can be easily seen from the underside of the ceiling and will persist even after the problem has been fixed. The more serious problem, however, is that the stain may be covering up mold growth or termite infestation that might occur due to persistent leaking of water. Before you can prime the stained patches, make sure you fix the source of the water leak.


As they go about their DIY home renovation projects, some homeowners end up overloading their ceilings without even knowing it! When home owners decide to add a ceiling fan to their living room, they usually just go ahead and install the new fan to the existing ceiling. But, it is often important to check whether the ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of the new appliance. Since most ceiling fans typically weigh more than the regular light fixtures, they usually exert more centrifugal force on the existing ceiling. Hence, they will end up damaging the ceiling when it can no longer support their weight. In order to avoid this type of ceiling damage, it is advisable to consult a professional each time you want to attach something to your ceiling.

Structural failure

When your house's foundation fails, it can cause your ceiling to crack. As the foundation gradually starts to settle over time, it may leave cracks in the ceiling, walls, and other sections of the house. Ceiling cracks caused by foundation failure can even cause the entire roof structure to cave in, and should be fixed right away. There are several house underpinning techniques to repair damaged foundations. Contract a construction expert to fix the problem before you can pay attention to the cracks on your ceiling. Once the foundation problems are sorted out, you can repair the cracks on your ceiling using caulk. A quick paint job will help camouflage the cracks and restore the initial charm of your ceiling.