Materials You Could Consider For Your Residential Carport

If you are looking for a solution to protecting your vehicle from the changing weather, but do not want to invest money in constructing a garage, then a carport would be a great choice. These carports come in a range of materials to ensure that the every user can get their individual needs met both cost wise as well as in terms of functionality. It should be noted though that before you call in contractors to erect a carport for you, you need to ensure you have the appropriate permits from your local council. You can then opt to have either a freestanding carport erected or one leaning on your home. Here are some of the materials that you could consider for your residential carport.

Polyethylene carports

If you were looking to construct a carport on a tight budget, this would be one of your ideal options. Polyethylene carports comprise synthetic material that has been stretched over a frame constituting of supportive poles. It is one of the lightweight carport options, making it both easy to install as well as transport from one location to another. It should be noted though that although these carports can protect your vehicle from sweltering sun and rain, they are not strong enough to face high winds.

Wooden carports

If you are looking for a classic design that will mimic a traditional garage, then wooden carports are your ideal choice. These tend to be one of the more expensive options when it carport materials. This is because it comprises durable timber that has been pre-treated to protect it from termite infestations and rot. Since wooden carports require pre-treatment processes to keep them in good condition, this tends to raise their retail price. However, they make a good addition to any home as a lean-to option as they blend well with any residence. This also works toward increasing the curb appeal of your home as you could opt to have it installed as a semi-permanent option.

Steel carports

If you are looking for a sturdy material, steel carports are right up your alley. They comprise steel pillars that are galvanized and a flat steel roof. These carports are great as freestanding options as they are strong enough to withstand high gales of wind and a range of other weather elements. However, they also tend to be more expensive to install when compared to polyethylene carports, as they are much heavier.