Working With An Architect: 3 Top Tips

If you are in the process of designing and building a new home or planning some renovations to your existing property, you may be considering commissioning an architect. An architect can help to turn your dreams into a reality while also making sure that your home complies with local building codes and laws. Below are 3 actions which will help you to work with an architect.

Develop design ideas

While an architect will be able to make suggestions about the design and style of your building project, they should not be expected to come up with the entire design idea. If you give your architect a blank sheet of paper to work on, it is likely that the plan they present will need to be refined and redrafted a large number of times before everyone is happy.

You should spend some time coming up with ideas before you speak to an architect. Start by doing some very simple sketching of the kind of shape you would like the new building to be. You should also think about the number and the size of the rooms you would like. 

Jotting down words which describe how you would like the new space to feel and look can be a useful way of capturing design ideas. If you find any images which provide inspiration, you should collect them and present them along with the rest of your design ideas. The architect will formalise your thoughts, using them to draw up detailed proposals and design plans.

Interview different architects

When looking for an architect, you shouldn't just go with the first one you find. Take your time and carry out informal interviews with the different architects you meet. You should ask them about their experience and if you can view a portfolio of their work. Doing so will allow you to establish if the architect has the right design philosophy and expertise of the job.

Consider your budget

When instructing an architect to work on your behalf, you should be very clear about your budget requirements. Designing a building is as much an art as it is a science, which means that there is almost no limit to the amount you can spend. The cost will depend on the materials used, the size of the building and the condition of the land on which it is constructed. 

Making your budget clear to the architect will allow them to design a building which is within your price range. It will also enable the architect to recommend ways you can save money by identifying areas of the building which can be completed at a later date or constructed using a different material.

If you would like further advice or information about using an architect to design your new home, contact a home construction company today.