Persuasive Reasons to Enlist Horizontal Directional Drilling Services for Pipe Installation

Although constructing your forever home is a privilege that not many people get to enjoy, you will quickly realise that this project come with a multitude of logistics and phases. And one stage that not many homeowners are familiar with is the installation of utilities such as pipework for the residence's plumbing. In years past, the open-cut technique was employed for pipe installation and this entailed digging up trenches in the property to create room for the placement of the hardware. Recently, though, there has been an increasing demand for horizontal drilling services, which has proven to be a superior solution when compared to its open-cut counterpart. This trenchless alternative entails precision boring into the ground to install the hardware in a shallow arc. If you are unfamiliar with this new technology, check out the following persuasive reasons why you should enlist horizontal directional drilling services for pipe installation.

Effortless permit acquisition

You could be thinking that since you already have permits for the construction of your custom build, you will not need to acquire any more down the line but this is not true. Any major work that will potentially disrupt property lines, roadworks and so on, whether on a commercial or residential property, will mandate the acquisition of permits. The great thing about horizontal directional drilling is that it does not pose the threat of extensive disturbance. This technology will not produce a substantial amount of rubble so there is minimal chance of the pipe installation process disrupting the general public by blocking roads and so on. Hence, it is much easier to acquire the permits needed to engage in this work.

Economical hardware installation

The second advantage of choosing horizontal directional drilling technology over the open-cut method is that it will prove more economical in the long run and this can be attributed to several reasons. To begin with, horizontal directional drilling can be undertaken with fewer contractors than the open-cut technique. As a result, your labour costs will be lower and this will reduce the overall cost of the pipe placement project. In addition to this, horizontal directional drilling generates much less detritus than open-cut trenching. Therefore, less money is required for cleaning up the site once the hardware is installed. Lastly, much less equipment is employed during horizontal directional drilling when compared to the open-cut technique, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

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