Ombre Is More Than a Hair Trend: Try these 3 Amazing Ombre Ideas

If you haven't heard the word 'ombre' before, there is still no doubt that you have still seen the ombre trend in action. Ombre is essentially the blending of one colour into another. The trend started when women began to dip dye their hair, blending it from brunette roots to blonde tips, or to any other colour for that matter. But recently, the ombre trend has extended far beyond hair colour and it's finding its way into many parts of people's lives. [Read More]

2 Hacks for Unclogging Toilets

If you have a clogged toilet, there are many things you can try yourself to get rid of the clog. It may be that the clog isn't too far into the pipes, and you can remove it with simple tools that you can get at any home improvement centre or hardware store. Here are some ways that you can unclog toilets yourself and save money. Use a Plunger One of the first things most people do when they have a clogged toilet is to grab a plunger. [Read More]

Security Doors: 4 Clever Security Tips to Prevent Break-ins through Garages

Most break-ins invariably take place due to poorly secured doors in the garage. By installing security doors, you can undertake appropriate safety precautions to improve garage security. Security doors have metal frames with mesh and are usually fitted outside a regular door. These security doors usually have heavy-duty locks and recessed edges, making them difficult to open. They act as security screens for homeowners to leave the main garage door open to enable fresh air to enter the home, without worrying about security. [Read More]

How to Test Your Garden Soil at Home

If you want to grow a healthy garden or even have lush landscaping around your yard, you need to have fertile, rich soil. You can have your soil tested professionally but you can also perform a few simple tests yourself to know the condition of your soil and how to care for it. Specific challenges with soil can be addressed with changes to your gardening procedures and with the right treatment, but you first need to know more about the soil. [Read More]